Over the years, we have developed a method that has proven itself in guiding people toward personal success and professional growth. The Focus method works for everyone and has touched many individuals, breaking patterns and reactivating them for the next steps in their lives and careers.

The method consists of five steps:


The first step is to establish a strong and solid foundation for sustainable change. We achieve this by defining the current situation and gaining insight into the needs, goals, and challenges.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? And why is this important to you?


Here, the focus is on identifying specific aspects or patterns that are relevant to your growth and aspirations. This step involves identifying key areas of focus and potential growth opportunities.

What is holding you back? What other strengths can you utilize more effectively?


In this step, we pragmatically map out the underlying causes, limiting beliefs, and obstacles that may hinder or stimulate your progress. We visualize this for you so that you gain immediate insight and can take action.

Which patterns in your thoughts, behaviors, or choices influence your development?


In this step, the focus is on discovering alternative perspectives, strategies, and possibilities. It involves encouraging creative thinking, considering different options, and broadening your mindset to discover new insights and approaches.

What can you do differently? How can you challenge yourself and embrace ideas outside of your comfort zone?


The final step revolves around taking action and implementing the insights gained during the coaching process. You get started by setting clear goals and converting them into action. Together, we ensure that you not only have gained insights but have also taken tangible steps to achieve lasting positive changes.

Which concrete steps will I take now? How do I create lasting habits?

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