"I am very enthusiastic about Sjoerd as a coach. Sjoerd truly listens, and through his friendly yet sharp questions, he helps you look at yourself deeply. 
By working with him, I have gained a better understanding of how to optimize my strengths and what I desire for the future. 
Additionally, Sjoerd has extensive experience in the business world and a down-to-earth and positive outlook. This makes brainstorming about daily work challenges enjoyable and educational."

- Erik Roelvink - Managing Director - Aeffect

"Sjoerd is a coach, but also a businessman; he understands what my clients are going through and what motivates my team. He knows how I, as an entrepreneur, perceive things, and he also understands the coaching perspective. Some coaches are quite detached from the business, but not Sjoerd."

- Valentijn
"I am very happy with the coaching results, especially considering we only had three sessions. In particular, I found your suggestions in the last session very helpful, and they ultimately led to my final success. I truly appreciate how quickly you stepped in when unexpected changes occurred in my career and guided me to adapt to these changes with valid solutions. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with you!"

- Hao

"This is the first coaching conversation that isn't just stating the obvious. Now I'm really getting to the core."

- Freek

"What you do very well is provide insight into myself by challenging me to think for myself. You're not afraid to say things, direct yet in a friendly manner."

- Petra
"Thank you for the great coaching. Beautiful insights, clarity, and renewed energy to continue striving to become the best version of myself. It was very nice. Thank you!"

- Imma
Dear Sjoerd, I just want to thank you for an amazing first session with you full of wisdom and insights. It was THE perfect birthday gift. I have a lot of work to do but I am confident that with your expert guidance, I will definitely get there. I wish you a very lovely day and weekend ahead.

- Francis

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"You have a high degree of applicability. Not vague, but pragmatic."

- Francis

I just finished an amazing and insightful coaching session with Sjoerd. In just a short amount of time, he uncovered things that I didn’t even think were holding me back from attaining my goals. I am really grateful for the opportunity that I received to have this coaching and very motivated for the future. There is still so much work for me to do to get to my end goal and I will need all the help that I can get.

- Ahmet
"Working with Sjoerd has given me the opportunity and freedom to focus solely on myself. Through the bond I've built with Sjoerd during our journey, I've been able to be surprised by myself; the place where I am now but especially by the possibilities and opportunities I have and can receive. Thanks to the tools and tips that Sjoerd has given me, I am able to hold up a clear, positive, and honest mirror to myself."

- Robbert

"Thank you for the valuable conversation, and it's impressive how quickly you've managed to distill the important aspects from our discussion."

- Bram
"Worked very pleasantly with Sjoerd over a period of 4 months. As a coach, Sjoerd is decisive and quickly gets to the core. Additionally, he creates a safe environment to open up. By writing clear coaching questions together beforehand, it was easy to see progress and evaluate the goal."

- Pim
I just wanted to check in with you to let you know I am doing much better. I would like you to know I have gone right back to my foundations and feeling much stronger. I don't make decisions as quickly now, but in a way decisions are also becoming easier with a clearer mind. So just a quick message of my appreciation , talking to you was a turning point to choose myself first, start setting my boundaries.

- Helen

"I have more peace in my work and private life."

- Tim

Thank you, Sjoerd for truly inspiring coaching sessions. Your powerful questions and accurate observations helped me to rediscover myself. 

- Egle
The coaching by Sjoerd to me was a supportive process to rebuild confidence and reinvent myself. I guess Sjoerd did not know how his coaching had changed me and supported my achievements in the past months. Thank you, Sjoerd!

- Shanglong Zhu

"The coaching sessions with Sjoerd have unleashed a load of positive energy and ambition. Perhaps 'awake' is the best description – sharp on what's happening around me, and being able to address it (and approach it) from a clear ambition. And it's being noticed: colleagues and clients see a clear difference, leading to different conversations and perspectives. Ready for the next round!"

- Frank

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