Team Full Focus

The coaches at Full Focus.

Meet the passionate professionals who together form the beating heart of Full Focus. Our team consists of experienced coaches driven by a shared vision: unleashing potential and guiding transformations.

Our diverse group of coaches brings a rich blend of experience, expertise, and unique perspectives to the table. With a collective commitment to growth, both professionally and personally, we strive to not only be coaches but also partners in your journey to success.


Mathilde is a master at understanding team dynamics.

Her keen insight and open approach help teams address pain points and tackle challenges with enthusiasm. Her contagious positive energy ensures positive changes within the group.

She has a unique gift for inspiring teams and encouraging them to unlock their full potential. Combined with the personal and individual depth that Sjoerd brings as a leadership coach, Mathilde and Sjoerd form a unique and powerful combination.

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Passionate coach, excelling in personal growth and removing emotional blocks.

Dominique is known for her empathetic approach, creating a safe space that invites people to openness and emotional growth. With a specific focus on transitioning from thinking to feeling.

Dominique and Sjoerd complement each other perfectly. Where Sjoerd excels in the analytical aspect and providing insights into potential growth opportunities, Dominique excels in emotional depth. Experience a beautiful journey of awareness, where insight and experiencing emotions form the key to self-development and personal growth.

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Driven trainer and inspirer in personal and professional growth.

Maarten, an enthusiastic motivator, develops his audience with pragmatism and positive confrontation.

His wealth of experience contributes to effective growth on a personal, commercial, and leadership level, seamlessly aligning with the collaboration with Sjoerd. While Maarten focuses on leading teams, Sjoerd concentrates on individual growth.
Our shared commitment to a partnership with the client, along with the importance of focus on quality and results, strengthens our joint vision and is a very powerful combination.

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An exceptional and creative coach..

As a certified life and professional coach, she holds a master's degree in Learning & Development and brings experience as a leadership development consultant.  Raquel is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English.

She conducts one-on-one coaching sessions and team workshops, incorporating a mindfulness-based and embodied approach. Self-compassion and authentic expression are the focal points of her services. By encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves, Raquel facilitates a natural path to transformation, complementing Sjoerd's approach seamlessly.

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Driven professional with analytical sharpness and a no-nonsense approach.

He is an experienced professional with profound expertise in providing self-insight and inspiring action. His analytical sharpness enables him to establish connections quickly and effectively. What sets him apart is his ability to achieve sustainable and structural breakthroughs in a pragmatic manner.

In 2019, he founded Full Focus with a clear mission in mind. His no-nonsense approach, combined with his entrepreneurship and conviction to provide high-quality, pragmatic coaching and support, ensures lasting results for his clients. His dedication to quality and results, combined with a personal touch and an extensive network of professionals, makes him a valuable partner in your pursuit of success and fulfillment.

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Are you a coach?

And looking for a team!

At Full Focus, we are always looking for passionate and talented coaches who want to share their expertise and make an impact. If you are a coach driven to guide others toward personal and professional growth, we warmly invite you to be part of our team of professional coaches.

Help build Full Focus as a platform for positive change and empowerment. Join our team and work together to transform lives and businesses. Your coaching skills can make a difference in the world, and at Full Focus, we help you realize that potential.

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