Sjoerd Roset

Sjoerd Roset is an extremely knowledgeable professional who plays a prominent role with his extensive experience in leadership coaching. With a distinctive and professional approach, he creates valuable partnerships with his clients to guide them on the path to success.

As an experienced business professional, he is known for his direct yet friendly approach. He quickly creates a safe environment in which clients feel comfortable being challenged. His analytical sharpness enables him to establish connections quickly and effectively. What sets him apart is his ability to achieve sustainable and structural breakthroughs in a pragmatic manner.

With his drive and by asking probing questions, he encourages stepping outside the comfort zone and taking concrete steps. His coaching focuses on tangible results, without room for vagueness or ambiguity. He helps to quickly get to the heart of the matter and achieve set goals in a practical manner.


"My coaching is about co-creation, forming a partnership."

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